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Are you considering getting married abroad? Malta can be a wonderful choice. Here are some reasons why Malta is a great destination for weddings:


An island in the Mediterranean: Malta is a small but historically rich island nation located in the Mediterranean sea between Sicily and North Africa. It consists of an archipelago of islands with Malta, Gozo and Comino being the main islands. The capital is Valletta. Malta is a member of the European Union, using the Euro as its currency. The population is around 500,000.


Weather: Malta enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with long, sunny days and mild winters. The spring and summer months (April to October) are particularly popular for weddings. Temperatures are warm and rainfall is minimal.

Accessibility: Located in the central Mediterranean, Malta is well-connected by air through the Malta International Airport. The many connections from other European airports make it convenient for guests to travel to your wedding. It can also be reached from the island of Sicily by direct ferry. Being a relatively small island, it is easy for you and your guests to explore the island with ease. Hiring a car is the best way to travel, while taxis are very efficient and convenient to travel around the islands.


Historic architecture: Malta is very rich in history and boasts many historical sites that serve as unique wedding venues. There are at least 350 churches on the islands, most of which are centuries-old Baroque style with an architecture and interior that are unique to the world. Other heritage sites include medieval castles, palazzos, forts, towers, temples and gardens.


The coast: Malta’s sandy beaches, clear blue waters, rocky coves and dramatic cliffs can act as a perfect backdrop for your ceremony or your post ceremony photos.


Village charm: Malta’s villages with their narrow streets and traditional architecture exude charm and character. These villages offer a glimpse into Maltese history and are a great way to experience the authentic essence of the islands. If you are lucky, you can also experience a local festa which is a religious celebration that takes place throughout the year in various towns and villages.


Culture and tradition: The Maltese culture is a testament to the island’s history and adaptability to changing times. It is a culture that values tradition and a deep sense of community.


Language: English is widely spoken. It is an official language in Malta, so speaking to the locals and wedding vendors is not a problem for English-speaking couples.


Cuisine: Due to Malta’s strategic location, Maltese food has a blend of Mediterranean flavours with influences from Italy, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Embrace the local cuisine in your menu or cater to diverse tastes from other international cuisines.


Hospitality: The people of Malta are known for their warm hospitality, making you and your guests feel welcome and at home.


Variety of accommodation: Malta offers a wide range of accommodation options from private villas to boutique guesthouses and hotels, so rest assured that you can find a perfect place to stay.


Legal marriages: Church or civil marriages in Malta are recognised internationally. A church or civil ceremony will be conducted by a priest or marriage registrar. Ceremonies are conducted in English. There are no residency requirements, however, it is advised to contact a local wedding planner to assist you with all the required paperwork (which can vary for different nationalities) and appointments prior to the wedding.


Additional activities: Extend your wedding celebrations by organising a range of activities such as boat trips, diving, wine tasting and historical tours around the islands.


Overall, Malta offers a beautiful and memorable setting for a destination wedding, with a combination of natural beauty, historical sites, and a warm Mediterranean culture.


When planning a destination wedding in Malta, it is best to consider hiring a wedding planner who is familiar with the region and who can guide you through the full process, help fulfil specific legal obligations, recommend venues and vendors, and help coordinate all the details on your wedding day. This will help ensure a smooth and memorable experience for you and your guests.

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Esmée Designs' work is romantic and thoughtful, inspired by fine art, antiques, nature and organic materials. Each wedding is designed with fine aesthetics, crafted around the clients' needs. Every element is considered, from the location of each event, to the florals, stationery, linen, photography, sound, light and everything in between. 


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