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For couples who need help with the planning logistics and the overall look of their event. This service includes any assistance required by the clients such as budgeting, venue sourcing, vendor sourcing, paperwork, invitation management, styling and wedding day coordination. Naturally, a lot of importance is given to design. Together with the clients we think through all the details such as the colour scheme, stationery, linen, candles, tableware, furnishings, lighting, cake, photography, and of course, florals. Inspiration is drawn from all the communication with the clients when together we work towards realising an event that they and their guests deserve. 

Managing a wedding while getting married can be overwhelming and this is when Esmée Designs steps in to make sure that the day is carried through perfectly. Some of the many tasks undertaken include managing the timeline, communicating with vendors, overseeing guests' seating, making sure photos are taken in a timely manner, coordinating the service with the event manager, and dealing with any last minute challenges that may arise. Questions and concerns are diverted away from the happy couple and their family, so they can fully enjoy their much awaited day with their guests. 


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Most of Esmée Designs' weddings are destination. Destination weddings can be intimate affairs with just family and a few close friends, or larger gatherings.

Perhaps one major reason why destination weddings have increased in popularity is their ability to provide guests with elevated, tailored experiences. Most destination weddings are celebrated over multiple days allowing the couple and their families and friends to spend quality time together outside of their country of residence. What was traditionally a single day event has become a weeklong or weekend experience.


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Malta can be a wonderful choice for a destination wedding. If you wish to learn more about Malta as a wedding destination, read ED's blogpost


Throughout her career, Natalie has always found herself drawn to intimate events. There is something very special about planning an event for a couple celebrating their most important day alone or with their closest. From a city elopement to a vineyard micro wedding, Esmée Designs can tailor events based on the clients' needs, and helps create intimate experiences anywhere in the world. 

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