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A destination wedding is a type of wedding that takes place outside of the couple’s hometown and requires travelling for the couple and their guests. These weddings are typically held in unique and picturesque locations such as exotic destinations, scenic countryside, and historic cities. The chosen destination may have a personal significance to the couple, such as a favourite vacation spot or a place with cultural or familial ties. Destination weddings can be intimate affairs with just family and a few close friends, or larger gatherings.

Perhaps one major reason why destination weddings have increased in popularity is their ability to provide guests with elevated, tailored experiences. Most destination weddings are celebrated over multiple days allowing the couple and their families and friends to spend quality time together. What was traditionally a single day event has become a weeklong or weekend experience.


Destination weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years for several reasons. Here's why:


Unique Locations: They allow couples to choose stunning and memorable settings for their special day, such as a beach, mountain resort, vineyard, or a historic castle.


Intimate Atmosphere: Usually, only family and close friends can attend, leading to a more intimate event.


Extended Celebrations: Celebrations can be extended over a weekend or longer, allowing guests to relax and enjoy the location beyond just the wedding day.


Vacation Opportunity: They offer a chance for guests to enjoy a vacation along with the wedding festivities.

Built-in Honeymoon: Since the wedding takes place at a vacation destination, it can also serve as the honeymoon.


Cultural Experiences: They often incorporate local customs and traditions, providing a unique and enriching cultural experience for both the couple and their guests.


Cost Effective: Since the guest count is usually small, the couple can afford to spend more per guest.


There are some potential challenges too.


Cost: They can be expensive for both the couple and their guests. Travel and accommodation expenses can add up, making it less accessible for some guests.

Guest Attendance: Not all invited guests may be able to attend due to time, travel and costs involved, potentially leading to disappointment for some family and friends.


Logistics: Planning a wedding from a distance can be challenging such as when hiring local vendors, potential language barriers, and understanding the destination's legal requirements for marriage. Some countries have residency requirements or other legal stipulations that can complicate marriage procedures.


Planning Tips:


Choose the Right Destination for You: Make sure the destination and location reflect you as a couple. Think how you would feel when looking at your wedding photos in ten years’ time.


Visit in Advance: Visit the destination ahead of time to scout venues, meet with vendors, and address any potential issues.


Check the Local Marriage Laws: Every country has its own marriage requirements. Make sure you understand the legal process before making any plans.


Consider the Season and Climate: The ideal season for a destination wedding depends on the location you have chosen for your special day. Read our other blog post on seasons and climates for destination weddings.


Keep Your Guests Informed: Provide your guests with plenty of notice, perhaps through a ‘save the date’, and set up a website that contains all the information about the wedding.


Help Your Guests with their Accommodation: Consider blocking hotel rooms or provide information on affordable accommodations.


Hire a Wedding Planner: S/he will be familiar with the local scene and can help navigate any cultural or logistical challenges.


Hire a Good Wedding Photographer: Do not go cheap on photography. Beside your memories, your wedding photos will be the only way to relive your wedding day over and over. Hire a photographer whose style you like and do your research thoroughly to make sure you are a good match.


Despite the challenges, a destination wedding can be a unique and memorable experience. Ultimately the decision depends on the couple's preferences and priorities. Like any significant event, it requires thoughtful planning. The needs and limitations of both the couple and their guests must be considered and it is best to seek the help of wedding planners who are familiar with the chosen destination.


In our next blog post we will be covering popular wedding destinations and the ideal seasons for such destinations.

Image by Eric Nopanen
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Photography Dmitry Schemelev | Eric Nopanen | Bruce Mars | Filippo Andolfatto

Leonardo Miranda | Jonathan Borba | Victoria Priessnitz

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