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A fine art wedding is designed with intention, inspired by ethereal beauty and nature. Colours are pastel, earth, and muted.

Designing a fine art wedding involves the inclusion of soft linen, candles, fine tableware, loose florals, silk ribbons, heirloom antiques, velvet, and handmade stationery enhanced by beautiful calligraphy. Furniture and decor are made of organic materials including wood, stone, marble, and clay. The wedding is usually held in elegant venues with beautiful architecture.

The ideal choice of photographer is someone who shoots soft and dreamy photos on film. And one of the most distinguishable identity of a fine art wedding is a bride dressed in lace or chiffon. Her make up is natural and her hair is soft. The groom looks refined and elegant. 

A fine art wedding is created for couples who love a classic, timeless aesthetic.

Woman in Forest
Podium with White Curtains
Wedding Dress
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Image by Evelina Friman
Image by Thomas William
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At Esmée Designs we plan and design bespoke weddings for timeless couples. Serving the islands of Malta and Gozo, our focus is on the detail, combining the elements of design to ensure ever-lasting memories.

Our work is romantic and thoughtful, inspired by fine art, antiques, nature and organic materials. Each wedding is designed with fine aesthetics, crafted around our clients' needs. We consider every visual element of each event, from the venue, to the florals, stationery, linen, photography and everything in-between. 

As a small scale studio, our services are really personal, so we only take a limited number of weddings per year to ensure our clients get the attention they deserve.


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